Our team is a perfect amalgamation of industry professionals from all sphere of the corporate world, holding proficiency in data science, analysis, database management and digital marketing. Holding years of experience, the team is continuously engaged in conceptualizing, designing and implementing most cohesive business solutions explicitly and exclusively made to tackle the need of full cycle of data management—right from data generation and cleansing to storage and analytics

Our leaders have years of working closely with top notch companies across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, US and ANZ primarily for industries including Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, E-Commerce

Our Guiding Star

Dr. Sarvadanand Dubey

Dr. Sarvadanand Dubey

Dr. Sarvadanand Dubey - Chief Mentor, Ardent Knowledge Group

  • 32+ years experience of Teaching & Administration
  • M.Sc. Mathematics (Gold and Silver Medal)
  • Ph. D. Mathematics (Approximation theory and Fourier Analysis)
  • Ph.D. in Education (Distance Education)
  • D. Sc. In Mathematics
  • Actively engaged in innovative researches in Mathematics
  • He invented "Dubey's Transform" which is used in the field of approximation theory and Engineering Branches. He also invented extended version of Dubey's Transform
  • Nearly 50 research papers published in national and international journals of great repute
  • Editor-in-chief of International Journal of Mathematics and Applied Statistics

Our Key Mentors

Management & Consulting Expert

Dr. S N Dubey

Education, Research

He brings more than forty years of rich and varied knowledge across Education, Research and Strategy Consulting. Across his career, he has been known as a thought leader and pioneer in the use of innovation to create competitive advantage. He frequently participates in Knowledge-oriented events and conferences across Geographies.

Highly experienced as a Management & Consulting expert and has served various leading government organizations in India. He holds Doctorate Degree in the Field of Mathematics.

Market Analysis

Er. V K Tripathi

Industry Research

He has more than thirty five years of experience in managing research and consulting assignments in various domains including Automation, Technology and Services. Over the years he has worked on number of activities such as Industry Research, Market Analysis for the IT / ITeS Industry, competitive analysis and opportunity evaluation studies. He has been actively involved in research and consulting coursework in promising technology areas such as Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing, Communication and Business Automation. He holds Engineering Degree in the Field of Automation.

Software Programing

Dr. S Kurariya

Information Technology

He has more than twenty four years of experience in Information Technology, Software Development & Programming aspects.

He has an expertise in executing large scale research projects around diverse domains such as Education, IT Market, BPO and has published various research papers in International Journals.

He also shares his association with organizations like IGNOU, MCRPV, PTU, Zetetic India and MGMM Group. He holds Doctorate Degrees in the Field of Science.

Govt. Surveys

Mr. S C Tripathi

Govt. Surveys & Profiling

He brings with him, more than 30 Years of experience of conducting extensive government surveys, profiling and study in the field of Social, Environmental and Cultural Aspect of Humanity and Society. His experiences are well utilized by our Socio-Cultural team which caters to Government based research projects primarily. His capabilities revolve around doing census survey to in-depth analysis of social policy and welfare; from investigation of ancient historical documents to doing research on general social parameters. He has done his post graduation from Robertson College, Jabalpur