Lead Generation

Helps companies increase and broaden its scope and penetrate deeper into existing market space.

Also known as Tele-Sales, this model is one of the commonest techniques of penetrating in the market these days.

Ardent Knowledge provides lead generation and qualification solutions that facilitate companies to swiftly convert qualified opportunities into their sales pipeline. It has always made sure to work as virtual extension of client's sales team, while executing a successful Lead Generation Activity. The same is done in close coordination with the client, keeping their marketing goals into focus and their primary objective and current requirement.

Find out, what we do !

  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Campaigns
  • Product Awareness Programs
  • Acquirement of Prospect Customers
  • Product Renewal / Activation Programs
  • Lead Management & Follow Ups
  • Response Management
  • Audience Generation
Ardent Knowledge Services

The same is done through under-mentioned steps:

  • Identifying and sourcing the list of target companies who have the propensity to buy client's offerings
  • Desk research for fetching company / business information
  • Primary research to identify decision makers of the company, their current infrastructure, their business issues / pain areas that could be addressed through the client's products and services
  • Communicating about client's offering to the concerned target person along with following up with them.
  • Building and Communicating prospect lead to the client on regular interval
  • Regular re-view call with client's sales team for lead analysis
  • Re-validation and Re-assignment of rejected leads, if required